1 in 2 Australians aged between 15–17 who get drunk will do something they regret


WYE continually strives to better understand youth and recently included Vaping content in the program knowing how extremely high the statistics of vaping amongst adolescents has risen.

The Alcohol & Vaping Education Program is a highly thought provoking and engaging presentation supported by post reinforcement materials.

Designed to engage adolescents in considering the risks and effects of underage binge drinking and educating about vaping, the presentation incorporates creative delivery techniques like acting, real life story telling and scenarios to effectively get through to a sometimes `invincible’ mindset.

Suitable for students in year 7, 8, 9 and 10, the presentation provides students with a range of strategies for harm minimisation if they find themselves in situations involving alcohol or vaping.


Buckley Park College

“Was engaging, informative and well-delivered. Extremely happy with the presentation.”

Berwick Grammar

“They understand now that ‘regret’ is something they do not want.”

Donvale Christian College

“It was an engaging, informative and challenging presentation – well prepared and very effectively delivered.”

Eltham College

“I think the long term impact on health and development was a critical message to get through to these now mature young adults who are planning the rest of their lives.”

Emmanuel College - St Pauls Campus

“Excellent session, interactive, informative, engaging and on topic with what the students could experience in real life.”

Ivanhoe Grammar School

“Very engaging and relevant to the age group”

Kew High School

“Enthusiastic, he REALLY engaged our students.”

Melbourne Girl’s Grammar

“The presentation was fantastic.”

Korowa Anglican Girl’s School

“Xavier presented the girls with information that was relevant and factual. His method of presentation was entertaining and thoroughly enjoyed by the girls.”

St Margaret's School

“The presenter was energetic and appropriately pitched the session. Good blend of fun and serious. The students have a better understanding of the physiology of what is occurring in the body, decision making associated with risk, strategies to remove self from a concerning situation.”

Sacre Couer

“Xavier was excellent, very professional and friendly. He engaged the students for the whole session and kept them involved. 10/10”

Victorian College of the Arts

“This presentation particularly appealed to the students’ intellect and focused on breaking down some of the cultural norms that are part of society – these points were particularly well addressed.”

Trinity Grammar

“The presenter was excellent. One of the best we have had so far. Would like to book him in early next year to set the tone for the year.”

Wheelers Hill Secondary College

“Xavier was most engaging with his role plays, his ability to share information, knowledge and real life experiences. The student and staff feedback indicated it was an excellent presentation – thought provoking, real, humorous at times. I too was impressed by the presentation and the engagement with our Year 10 students.”

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