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The Graffiti Education Program was developed in 2002. Strategically developed to deter youth from travelling down the graffiti path, the program challenges the thinking of children and adolescents during a time in their life when they are experimenting, forming attitudes and beliefs and being influenced.

Funded predominantly by local governments and delivered through schools, the benefits of the program have been continually assessed, resulting in wide spread reductions of graffiti and vandalism in schools and within communities.

It has attracted a wealth of interest from organisations in Australia and abroad searching for evidence based ‘best practice’ strategies, practices and procedures to prevent illegal graffiti and tagging.


The central element of the program is a period-length live in-school presentation which uses a mix of education, entertainment, interaction and facilitation to bring the anti graffiti messages to its audience. This is supported with a range of pre and post learning student resources, plus information leaflets to spread the message to the wider community.


The Graffiti Education Program is a licensed program and can be tailored to community needs, providing links with localised stakeholders.

Many local governments are funding the program in all primary and secondary schools in their area as a community wide response to minimise graffiti.


Robyn Harris, Tulliallan Prmary School, Casey

It was brilliant as always. Highly relevant to the topic of graffiti but also to making good choices. The presentation method is fantastic. The students have a deeper understanding of street art and graffiti. They also understand that graffiti demonstrates a wider problem within a community.

Gabrielle King, Nepean Creative & Performing Arts High School, Penrith

The presenter was amazing! His skits were unreal and he really brought it down to the level of the students.

Vikki Cremen, Hastings Primary School, Mornington

The students’ feedback after the presentation indicated that they had a clearer understanding of what graffiti is and the importance of making good choices, including saying no. It helped students think about why graffiti is a problem and how it could impact on their lives and the lives of other people. I liked the way it was linked to personal responsibility and the power of NO. These are important life skills.

Matthew Bediaga, Hume Central Secondary College, Hume

The presenter did well to make it humorous at times and engage the students on a personal level. He had great use of the emotional spectrum which made students reflect within themselves. Overall I have been very impressed by his presentation for the second year running and would definitely use him again next year. I believe the presentation has plenty of relevance to our school community and we hope to see an improvement in their own attitude towards graffiti.

Jack Pearson, Horsham College Connect Ed, Horsham

We had Xavier and he was fantastic. Best presenter I’ve ever had present to students in all my time teaching.

Kat Maslen, Little River Primary School, Wyndham

The students haven't stopped talking about his use of voice and actions - particularly the 'fast run.' He kept a good pace that didn't allow for boredom and he delivered the message in an entertaining way. They have all taken away important messages. They are all showing positive attitudes toward sanctioned street art and talking about instances of local graffiti that they think detracts from their community.

Lachlan Heshusius, St Laurence’s College, Brisbane

Xavier was energetic, enthusiastic and used great humour to get the boys on task and engaged. Over the years of working with him, I have always been impressed with how well he holds an audience of young men's attention. Credit to him, and credit to the amazing program!

Jason Plain, Elizabeth Macarthur High School, Camden

Very lively and animated presenter who made the presentation fun for the students. Had many students participating in the discussions and included a student into a role play. The content was relevant to the students which also promoted engagement.

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